About This Project


  The JPO invites trainees for short/medium term training courses and long-term researches, as part of the human resource development for the developing countries mainly in the Asia Pacific Region.
  In addition to holding follow-up seminars in the trainees’ countries, the JPO provides information in English including issuing alumni magazines and research papers by trainees and posting IPR training course textbooks for the purpose of building a network between the trainees from the developing countries and Japan and exchanging information on the present situation of the IP system in each developing country.

1)Training Programs (Short)
IP professionals in the private sector and government officials are invited to Japan for a period of one to three weeks according to the purpose or content of each training program. The programs are aimed at enhancing knowledge in the field of intellectual property.

2)Training Programs (Middle)
Examiners of developing countries are invited to Japan for three months to take part in lectures on treaties/laws regarding intellectual property, examination standards, and prior art search methods, conduct case studies, and receive OJT.

3)Thesis Titles of Long-Term Researchers
IP Office staff or IP professionals in the private sector of developing countries in the Asia Pacific Region are invited to Japan for six months. The long term trainees are provided an environment in which they are able to conduct independent studies such as receiving guidance from professors, visits to related institutions necessary for the studies, etc.

4)Follow-up Seminars
For the purpose of maintaining and following up the training achievements for the trainees who came to Japan and building partnership among alumni as well as disseminating and enlightening the IP system in various countries, JPO, IP alumni associations and IP offices organize follow-up seminars.

5)ENISHI-IP Friends Connection
The ENISHI magazine features information and reports regarding our follow-up seminars and training courses, as well as articles from our IP Friends(program alumni)regarding the Intellectual Property system in their respective countries.We believe you will find this publication very useful.

6)Introduction of JPO's Cooperration in Human Resource Development Program
Please push the link on the left titled "Introduction of JPO's Cooperration in Human Resource Development Program" to watch a video introducing our overall projects, training courses, trainee messages, and more.

7)IPR textbook
Textbooks used in the training programs for cooperation in human resources development are posted.

Our alumni have established Intellectual Property Alumni Associations (IPAA) back in their home countries, , which help coordinate follow-up seminars organized by JPO, as well as additional activities. We will continue to cooperate with each different IPAA in order to disseminate IP awareness within developing countries in the future.

Refer all inquiries to the following email address:
Asia Pacific Industrial Property Center of JIPII (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Cooperation in Human Resource Development project is funded by the Japan Patent Office.